Well it’s official that CRV has gone and shifted to a fully encrypted web experience for our web site visitors.

As of yesterday our web development team has moved our site from only having transaction pages on the site being encrypted (IE: forms & payment) to a complete shift to the entire site experience being encrypted.

travel planningIn your address bar of your browser you will notice a green pad-lock indicating that your safely browsing our site. So now you can rest assured knowing that all interactions with Costa Rica Vacations (CRV) will be secured from prying eyes. With the world seemingly on edge about security issues when browsing the internet, we felt it would be best for us to protect our site visitors by providing a secure connection via SSL certification throughout.

So what does this all mean for you? Simply put it means that while visiting the #1 online resource for custom vacation packages to Costa Rica, that you can browse comfortably knowing that CRV has taken that extra step to protect you and your personal information.

Next time you are thinking about booking a vacation to Costa Rica, double check that you’re not surfing around a site without encryption and therefore leaving your personal information vulnerable.

Remember…with Costa Rica Vacations (CRV) your security is our priority.