This tropical country is a World-renowned for surfers all over the world. In this article we show you 10 surf spots in Costa Rica.

1- Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava, the heaviest wave in Costa Rica, resides in Puerto Viejo and experts from around the world come to try their hand at this Hawaiian-style wave. A steep wave that drops you straight into the barrel,  this wave requires you to be quick on your feet in order not to get stuck in the middle.

2- Witch´s Rock/Ollie’s Point

World-class waves primarily accesible by boat from Playas del Coco or Flamingo  The former got its name from the legend of a witch living on the rock screaming, but is actually the sound of the wind hitting the formation. Witch’s Rock is a consistent beach break, offering left and rights. Witch’s Rock is located in Playa Naranjo, which is part of the Santa Rosa National Park. Ollie’s Point, named after Oliver North and his 80s hi-jinks, is a beautiful right that works on low tide so you can surf both spots in one day.

3- Hermosa de Jaco

Located just five minutes south of Jaco, the Mecca for surfing in Costa Rica for so many reasons.  It’s only a 2 ½-hour drive from San Jose, making it fast and easy to get into those hollow beach break tubes that can be challenging, but fun.

4- Nosara

Guiones is perfect for all level level surfers because the wave is nice and smooth with an easy drop and a long ride for cutbacks, floaters and more.  When the bigger swells come in we recommend that only experienced surfers take to the wáter, but those that are brave beginners will certainly up their level.

5- Santa Teresa

Another of the 10 top surf spots  in Costa Rica is Santa Teresa. With consistent off-shore winds, Santa Teresa boasts swells that have been known to attract surfers from all over the globe. Even with its amazing surf, the waters here are not localized, welcoming surfers of any level.

6- Pavones

Known for having the second longest left-hand surf break on the planet this is a spot you don’t want to miss. Located far off the beaten path and is the best surfing to be had in the rainy season, getting to Pavones is not always easy, but it is worth it.

7- Avellanas

This long stretch of beach offers something for all types of surfers, from the reef break in front of the parking lot, to the many right and left beach breaks that continue to the rivermouth ending at “Little Hawaii’s” long peeling waves. During the rainy season, the best waves can be found at Playa Avellanas.

8- Esterillos

Although this is a beach break, the waves are not always as consistent as some of the other locations on this list, but it still serves riders with some great trips from time to time. The waves aren’t too crowded, and Esterillos would be a good place for beginners to pick up the tools of the trade.

9- Dominical

The área of Domincal offers a slower pace of life in this less developed surf town where the rainforest meets the beach. Although this is another beach break on the southern Pacific, many people do break their boards here because the waves tend to be powerful.

10- Negra

Just 10 minutes south of Playa Avellanas. Negra’s waves are for more experienced surfers. This reef break can be playful at chest to shoulder high, but wow, with swell it can be ferocious. The take-off zone can get crowded, and everyone is pretty skilled, so bring your A-game and be patient.