Costa Rica will be hosting the Spanish Department of Maryville High School for the third time.

Sandra Wood, senior organizer of the group says that she wants to give the kids another opportunity to experience this incredible location while not straining their pockets. Costa Rica is considered by many to be the best bang for your buck as it can be extremely affordable.

maryville-spanish-departmentEver couple years the department plans a trip to another country with the last event being in Spain.

“It’s important to take kids to see another culture, so they can see how other people live differently than us,” Wood said. “Costa Rica is really interesting because it is friendly to tourism. They have nice places, running water, but it’s almost a developing country. When we get off the beaten path, the roads aren’t like our highways. We’ll find there are a lot of differences from our culture.” stated Sandra Wood.

Costa Rica has quickly become a popular destination for both schools and churches who routinely arrange missionary excursions to gain both the cultural experience and the fulfilling feeling of help others who are in need. Many people often forget that although Costa Rica is a top tourist destination that it is also very poor. This is the side many do not get to see while staying in posh hotels and resorts.

On a lighter note however, although poverty here is common, Costa Rica has been awarded the happiest place to live on Earth. In fact, the country has been deemed a Blue Zone where people live longer, happier lives. Worth noting…there are only 5 Blue Zones in the world.

The journey is set to begin for the students of Maryville in 2016 and social media is already beginning to light up with students excitedly talking about their upcoming adventure.

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