To round out the final days of 2014, renowned travel site and magazine Condé Nast Traveler published their top 10 locations around the world for destination weddings.

Their yearly Top 10 list is sourced by surveying over 1,000 “brides to be” who are making plans to marry abroad in 2015.

What they uncovered was interesting in that the rest of the Central and South American nations did not make the list with the exception of Costa Rica citing weak interest for destination weddings in nations such as Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and others.

“Adventurous couples love it for its surfing, volcano hiking, and ziplining—activities that their wedding guests will certainly want to test out. Not all areas are easily accessible, so keep that in mind when looking for venues.”, commented the travel site.

Seizing the #9 spot was Costa Rica and along with Mexico, we the only two latin American nations to make the Top 10 list. A few other destinations that were honored were Anguilla, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Italy, Jamaica, Hawaii and the Florida Keys.

At CRV we’ve seen a noticeable rise in interest with respect to adventure vacation packages as Costa Rica boosts awareness via viral marketing campaigns like the following…

On average over 70% of all Costa Rica vacation packages sold have some sort of adventure element to their itinerary and as the country becomes more popular as a wedding destination we can only assume that these numbers will continue to rise through 2015.