These days, it’s hard to find new frontiers in the world, especially those that remain untouched and untainted.  It’s even rarer to find it within a few hours of an international airport.  If you’re looking to get away from the rigamorole of living in a concrete jungle, then look no further than Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Teco tourismhis oasis is tucked into the southeast corner of Costa Rica, just north of the Panamanian border.  The peninsula is approximately 6 hours from Juan Santamaria International airport in San Jose and is primarily accessible by road – mind you, a road which only got paved within the last 10 years – although there is a small local airport in Puerto Jimenez.

What makes Osa so special?

Besides being a picturesque jungle and coastline that looks like something from the TV series Lost, the Osa peninsula is also thriving with life.  In fact, it holds 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity in an area that’s only 700 square miles, which is comparable to the size of London.  For instance, it contains more than 10,000 different kinds of insects, 463 species of birds, and 140 types of mammals.  Thanks to incredible statistics like these, it has earned the title as the most biologically diverse place on the planet.

What is there to do in Osa?

Obviously, eco-tourism is one of the biggest draws of the Osa peninsula.  Corcovado National Park is Mecca for hikers and animal enthusiasts while even accommodating the sun worshipers with pristine white sand beaches and sapphire waves.  Camping is also available in designated areas with the proper permits.

For the wilder at heart, this area is also renowned for its surfing.  While everyone will fall in love with a different break, some of the most popular beaches include Cabo Matapalo, Pan Dulce, and Playa Zancudo.

Of course, throughout the sparsely populated area, you can find the perfect lodge nestled quietly into the jungle.  These getaways typically offer different types of tours from horseback to ATVs where you’ll run into grand waterfalls, get magnificent mountain views, and get a taste of Costa Rica’s wildlife.

In the end, you’ll find that the best way to escape the city and truly get acquainted with all of the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer is to immerse yourself in the Osa Peninsula.