costa rica slothCosta Rica has become a well-known destination for adventurers and nature lovers alike. National Geographic called the country one of the most bio-intense locations on the planet with 5% of the world’s flora and fauna. With almost 30% of the country classified as national parkland or reserves, this tiny Latin American nation packs a punch when it comes to nature in her rawest form.

Sloths – this loveable creature has become the signature critter for Costa Rica and in some regards become famous — thanks to the country’s tourism agency and their Million Dollar Gift of Happiness campaign which had a three-fingered sloth as their mascot.

There are two species of sloths in Costa Rica. The Bradypus variegatus which is more commonly known as the 3-toed sloth and the Choloepus horrmanni or the 2-toed sloth.

These slow moving residents of the Costa Rican rain forests are a necessary part of this biological intense environment. The sloth is not so much an animal as it is a walking ecosystem. Some of the organisms that you can expect to find exclusively on a slot are a species of moth that lives nowhere else but in the sloth’s fleece and a dedicated species of algae that grows in special channels in the sloth’s grooved hairs.

Sloths here are strictly vegetarian and picky ones at that. Sloths are particularly vulnerable [due to their slow nature] when on the ground and it is said that the only reason a 3-toed sloth will descend from the canopy, is to defecate. It is not uncommon to spot sloths attempting to cross roads — naturally this leaves the sloth open to attack from predators but also from being struck by vehicles. Due to their exclusive eco-system onboard, it can be dangerous when handling them so it is recommended that you use extreme caution when handling the creatures. It has been said that often you will find scorpions living amongst the hairs of the sloths particularly under their armpits.

The two-toed sloth is less common to encounter here due to the fact that it can live 99% of its life in the trees and does not find it necessary to descend to the jungle floor in order to defecate.

With their adorable appearance, it’s easy to see how this lovable creature could become so popular. Our travel experts here at CRV find sloths to be one of the top requests from vacationers looking at visiting the country.

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