As the rains begin to subside and the clouds roll clear, we begin to see glimpses of what’s around the corner; the Costa Rica high season.

The Costa Rica high season runs (depending where you are in the country) normally from November through until April. In fact, up in Guanacaste at the moment they are on the cusp of the tourist season. And while hoteliers and tour operators wait patiently for the influx of tourists to the country during this time, we have a moment to look around.

Costa Rica’s “other” season is referred to as the green season.

During this time the landscapes transform and become full of vibrant colors and life. The rain forests here are at their peek during the green season and it provides locals a moment of reprieve from the hot temperatures of the summer (high) months. It is for this reason that many locals in fact prefer the cooler temperatures the green season brings.

However right now we are emerging from the green season and over the coming weeks we will begin to see less and less rain and the temperatures will rise to where many tourists anticipate while enjoying their Costa Rica vacations.