Some travelers are unaware that Costa Rica in fact only has two seasons – high season and green season. These two seasons are distinctly unique in one obvious way…rain.

As we sit now midway through September, the country is in the heart of the green season aka rainy season. But doesn’t “green season” sound so much more appealing? We think so.

For those that live here, the green season is a favorite for many reasons. The flora is out in full-swing and the nights are far more temperate for those nice cuddly sleeps with your partner. In fact, it is during this season that one can even use a light blanket on their beds given the temperature difference between day and night.

The counterpart to the green season is high season. This name comes from its popularity with tourists. It is during the high season that Costa Rica sees the lion’s share of it’s tourist arrivals.

However there are those travelers who appreciate the lush green landscape of the rainy season. It is during this season that most of the fauna and marine life comes alive. As a matter of fact, right now (during September) there are an incredible amount of whale sightings off the Southern Pacific coast near Uvita and Ojochal – two seaside communities in the southern region of Costa Rica famous for its raw natural beauty.

Clearly it is wise to understand what the season might be when booking your next Costa Rica vacation package, however it might also be a good idea to experience the country when it’s at it’s liveliest – where lush rainforests and cloud forest come alive!