The perfect dream spa vacation would relax the mind and rejuvenate the body and re-strengthen the soul connection, in a magnificent eco-paradise with plush rainforests, steaming volcanoes, misty mountains and abundant exotic wildlife.  Your days would be filled unique and rich experiences of hot stone treatments, volcanic mud baths, massages, organic foods, cleaning drinks and you would feel yourself become younger more vibrant every moment. You can discover this dream world in Costa Rica which has become Central Americans leading tropical, luxury spa destination.

For many, a vacation destination can simply no longer be called paradise without access to top-notch spa services. Tourists, expats and retiring baby-boomers arriving on the beaches of Costa Rica are expecting more value for their dollar, as well as more and better services, raising the expectation bar higher and higher. Developers in the tourism industry in countries like Costa Rica are constantly improving the luxury menu for vacationers and migrants such as mega fitness center, and luxury spas.

People in search of the definitive “tropical paradise” want ocean breezes, warm sun, palm trees on silky smooth white sand beaches and crystalline-blue waters, with sailboats resting just off shore while they are they are receiving their spa massage treatment on the beach. Individuals and couples visiting Costa Rican spas want hours of relaxation and self-indulgent time to distress and renew the soul in the perfect environment. The trend or more value, more luxury is also seen in residential and resort developments where the dream of owning a tropical home in a gated community often comes with an on-site spa.

Costa Rica has seen a boom in the spa business in recent years, not only catering to the vacationer, but because this small country has the largest and fastest growing middle class in Central America this has resulted in a jigher demand for luxury services like spa services which are showing up in “Tico” communities outside of the metro and beach tourist regions.

Costa Rica offers a variety of spa experiences, from spa centers high in the cloud forests, hidden away deep in the mountainous rainforests regions, to high end metro spas in San Jose and of course beach resort spas on the Atlantic and Pacific.

On your next Costa Rica vacation, what kind of setting would you like; waterfalls, mineral hot springs, open-air bungalows set among lush gardens of tropical rain forests, ocean or active volcanoes?