As more and more photos of fall colors and first snow falls begin to pop up on social media, we thought it might be important to note that Costa Rica…ya we only have two seasons.

The rainy season — or as some like to butter it — the green season, is when everything is in full bloom and the lush rainforests of the country come to life in full splendor. Running from May through until late October, the rainy season is not the most popular time of year for tourists for obvious reasons.

tanning in costa ricaOn the other hand the rainy season can also be the favored time of year for those who want to experience the tropical rain forest in her most glorious moment. Depending on what part of the country you’re visiting, typically the rains roll in during the evening and normally do not last long. With the exception of October when the rains are at their strongest.

The high season — aka dry season — is for obvious reasons, the most popular season for tourists coming to the country. This time of the year runs from November through until April. Different regions of the country have different climates with a plethora of micro-climates throughout the countryside. However there are a few rules you can take to the bank when considering a trip to Costa Rica.

If you are planning on spending the lion’s share of your vacation at the beach…then you won’t need much. The lighter the clothing the better in this case. However if you do plan on visiting volcanoes or cloud forests like Monteverde, you’d be well advised to bring a change of warmer clothing. Cloud forests in particular can get chilly at night time particularly so pack a long sleeve or hoodie and you’ll be fine.

So in summary…the highest rainfall is measured in October and it gradually gains momentum starting in May onward. During June there is typically a “mini summer” for two weeks but that’s a crap shoot.

While those of you in North America are preparing for winter, we’re already starting to plan our summer months and the incredible influx of tourists that routinely come each year at this time. The moment the leaves change…travelers start to shop for cheap flights.

Until we see you again…PURA VIDA!