Sometimes people think we, at Costa Rica Vacations,  exaggerate about how one trip to Costa Rica might be a life changing experience.  So, we are sharing a Costa Rican News article  about artist Kate Rose experience when she first visited our paradise.

Hope you can embrace her ideas about this special trip to Costa Rica:

1. SIMPLICITY: “To land in my trip Costa Rica was like coming home to a place that I was told did not exist. Not because life was perfect, but because there is simplicity there that it seems so many of us are searching for in our daily lives.   .”

2. PEACE: “My heart was taken aback -and I had not even spent a full day in this serene and peaceful country. It seemed that once there, in many ways, I forgot about life outside of this place.  The hustle of life, the rushing here or there, the being concerned with our material possessions or even our physical appearance all seemed to just not matter as much anymore
3. PURA VIDA PEOPLE: “During my time there I did participate in some of the more traditional tourism activities like zip lining in the jungle and horseback riding down to a secluded waterfall as the radiant Morpho butterfly danced in the air alongside me. Yet Costa Rica’s treasures go far beyond any of these activities because it is found in its people and in the society, they themselves have built.”
4. MINIMALIST LIFESTYLE: “It was here, walking around simple homes, that I first began thinking about a minimalist lifestyle and, ultimately, about whether or not where I was from was actually the place that I was meant to stay.”
5. TRULY ESSENCE: “I became more aware of how different I felt there, how much more at peace and truly centered in my essence I was.”
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