In our surf report Costa Ricans have really shown their mettle in the surfing world this past month. To begin, Carlos Enrique Brenes, a 10 year veteran of the Federacion de Surf de Costa (FSC), has been tapped as the first Tico to join the international staff of the World Surf League (WSL). Along with his previous responsibilities doing public relations, administration and journalism for the FSC, Brenes was found on the beach at every national surf contest, doing the play-by-play announcing. He will do just that type of work—announcing—for the WSL, the professional organization that oversees both the Qualifying Series (QS) and World Championship Tour (CT), the two most prestigious circuits in the surfing world.

At this writing, Brenes is in Chile, announcing two dates of the QS: Iquique QS3000 and Arica QS1500.

Before boarding the plane to South America, Brenes let us know how excited and proud he is to get this new opportunity to advance his career. Announcing for the WSL is the next logical step in his this beach-side career that included the Circuito Nacional de Surf in Costa Rica, Central American Championships in Nicaragua (2010), Guatemala (2012) and Panama (2013), as well as the International Surf Association (ISA) Junior World Cup in 2014.

“I began announcing the Circuito Nacional more than 10 years ago and I found out two things: my passion for the narration of the most beautiful sport in the world, and getting the best seat to see the best in the country, on incredible waves.”

Brenes maintained that even though he is moving onto the international stage, he will always be a promoter of Costa Rican surfing. He’ll get the chance to root for the two Ticos in Arica, Noe Mar McGonagle and Carlos Muñoz.

Angelos Bonomelli, xxx, Malakai Martinez, Christian and Nico Boos, among others are the new Guanacaste surf champions. These results came after the final date of the Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf KIA presented by Surfing Nation magazine (CGS), which took place last month in Playa Negra.

Based on his previous results in this province-wide tournament Bonomelli simply needed to reach 3rd place in Playa Negra to be crown the 2018 champion. It was not so easy as the closing of the 5th year of the CGS featured a hard-fought finals battle between the Italian (who lives in Puerto Viejo) Angelo Bonomelli, Tamarindo’s Malakai Martinez and Tomas King. And, as needed, he placed 3rd and won the year.

It was Martinez, however, who won the date’s Open I self, and this was the second time this season he earned the top Spot. He scored a 15.17 score in the final, followed by King’s 13.30, Bonomelli’s 12.57 and Jaco’sJosé Joaquín López with 11.07.

His wins earlier in the year in Tamarindo and then in Avellanas, along with his 3rd place finish in Playa Negra locked in Bonomelli gor the title.

“I have been fighting this title for five years and in 2018 I did it,” said Bonomelli. “The truth is that I fought a lot at the dates I participated in and that makes me very happy and motivated for 2019.”

For his part, Martinez did gain a Guanacaste title as the 2018 Guanacaste Junior champion, one category up from his 2017 Boys win.

Rubiana Brownell, who is just blowing up all over the Costa Rican contests, went head-to-head with her closest ranking rival, Coral Wigginsf, and in the end, became the 2018 CGS Women’s champion.

Regardless of the national or regional contests, there’s never before now, had a father-son combo of champions. Christian and Nico Boos made history by doing so. Christan scored his 2nd Masters Guanacaste championship, following a trophy in 2015. Meanwhile, 8-year-old Nico won the Dolphins category for the year, placing 1st in every CGS date this year.

“I’m super stoked about the both of us winning the CGS circuit,” recounted Christian. “It was super special to see that Nico was the only surfer on the CGS winning four out of four events. The hard work and the dedication paid off. In my case, I had a very different scenario. At the start of the season, I had very poor results, so I needed to win in Playa Negra. And that’s what happened. I won against a fantastic surfer in a very tough final and with this win (my third in Playa Negra), I won my second Master title”

CGS organizer Chelsea Lisaiusk said this year’s event surpassed expectations. Approximately 300 athletes participated in contests in Tamarindo, Marbella, Avellanas and Playa Negra.

“Again, we are beyond happy with the overall success,” she said. “We have stuck with our mission statement and plan to continue to improve the quality of each contest and will always put the surfer first.”

Copa Hotel Playa Negra Surf Report:

Playa Negra
May 5 -6, 2018

1. Ángelo Bonomelli
2. Noe Mar McGonagle
3. Malakai Martínez
4. Tomas King

1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Coral Wiggins
3. Valentina Ojeda
4. Valentina Resano

1. Malakai Martínez
2. Dean Vandewalle
3. Tiago Leao
4. Yeral Montiel

1. Kai Galé
2. Axel Castro
3. Rodrigo Saldarán
4. Leo Apreda

1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Valeria Ojeda
3. Rachel Agüero
4. Auxiela Ryan

1. Leo Apreda
2. Teo Galé
3. Pierto Garroux
4. Ishia Dawson

1. Christian Boss
2. Rodrigo Miranda
3. Freddy Camacho
4. Manny Resano

1. Nico Boss
2. Ashton Early
3. Lelia Pepini
4. Romeo Moggi