Costa Rica: The Big Kahuna of Central America Surfing

If you are looking to ride your first tropical wave or want to catch airtime on a reef break, the appeal of surfing in Costa Rica is very strong. With approximately 800 miles (1200 kilometers) of coastline and a heavenly 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) every day, on a tropical backdrop second to none, […]

Reconnecting Mind, Body and Soul: Costa Rica Spa’s

The perfect dream spa vacation would relax the mind and rejuvenate the body and re-strengthen the soul connection, in a magnificent eco-paradise with plush rainforests, steaming volcanoes, misty mountains and abundant exotic wildlife.  Your days would be filled unique and rich experiences of hot stone treatments, volcanic mud baths, massages, organic foods, cleaning drinks and […]

Discover Costa Rica’s Top Eco Adventures

An eco-travelers dream come true, Costa Rica should be on your list of top destinations for the next vacation. Zip-line through the jungle canopy or take private guided tours into the deep jungles the OSA, the most bio rich place on the planet, if you’re looking for eco-adventure, Costa Rica delivers! This incredibly fertile tropical […]

Couple Getaways for Love and Excitement

If you’re planning for an adult escape from family responsibilities, a Costa Rica all-inclusive couple resorts may perfectly fit the bill. Soak up some sun, treat yourselves to exotic spa treatments and sip poolside umbrella drinks, all without opening your wallet. Stress-free vacations at all-inclusive adults-only resorts are hotter, more luxurious and more inclusive than […]