Between the months of October and March, leatherback sea turtles come to nest on the shores of Leatherback Marine National Park. This past 2012-2013 season the park’s administrator, Rotney Stone, recorded 35 turtles that came to nest. Of these turtles, 40% were new or migrating turtles.

Stone states “They are definitely low numbers, but seeing the population graph, we note that there is a tendency for the nesting female population is stabilizing. Possibly need a couple more seasons to ensure this trend, but the important thing right now is that the numbers do not continue to fall, which makes our effort is greater and remains hopeful that in the medium term a recovery note population reflected in an increase in the number of nesting females, “

The park is cataloged in the Eastern Tropical Pacific records as the main nesting site for the world’s largest sea turtles. The leatherbacks are also currently on the endangered species list. Because of this, it’s crucial that as many people as possible are recruited to help protect the turtles and maintain their nesting grounds. Emma Harrison, director of the Sea Turtle Conservancy, states We do different activities in March where we have a group of volunteers to receive training and experience with sea turtles, and we count nesting level along the beach, do a tagging program for females and do patrols at night to see that turtles that come ashore to have identification marks, “

Furthermore, they are currently looking for 8 people to come and stay and work for three months during the nesting period.