Medical Travel International Business Summit 2013 to be Held in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will be hosting the fourth edition of the Medical Travel International Business Summit this year. The event is from April 24 through April 26th in the Hotel Los Suenos Marriott in Playa Herradura, Puntarenas. 250 businesses, spanning over 15 countries, will be participating. The event provides an opportunity for Latin American companies in […]

Sea Turtles that Nested in the Leatherback Marine Park are 40% New

Between the months of October and March, leatherback sea turtles come to nest on the shores of Leatherback Marine National Park. This past 2012-2013 season the park’s administrator, Rotney Stone, recorded 35 turtles that came to nest. Of these turtles, 40% were new or migrating turtles. Stone states “They are definitely low numbers, but seeing the […]

leaf rust

Leaf Rust Epidemic Reducing Coffee Exports in Costa Rica

In light of the recent plant rust issue that many of Central America’s coffee crops have been facing, Costa Rica’s export numbers have fallen by 2.5% with the first release of 2012’s October through January crops. The National Coffee Association of Guatemala (ANACAFE) reported that with the crops of nine Latin American countries, the total […]

Regional Agricultural Ministers in Costa Rica Plan Program to Fight Coffee Rust

Coffee crops across Costa Rica and Central America have been recently devastated by a fungus known as “leaf rust” that is destroying and withering coffee trees. Recently, agricultural ministers of Central America and the Dominican Republic met to devise a plan, and agreed to give this problem the highest priority. The plan that was agreed […]