Hey guys, about a month ago I went to visit Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica and I got to say that this was one of the most exciting and incredible adventures I’ve ever done in my life.

So as soon as I was arriving La Fortuna I noticed a huge tower raising from the ground to the sky, I told my wife and kids that I wanted to go and see what’s that all about, so when we got there we found it, it turned out to be a bungee jumping tower! Now keep in mind guys, I’m an adventure fanatic, I had to at least jump once, so we got there and the people running the bungee attraction were super nice, and they told me they also had some other things like a “rocket launcher” or something similar, I was all up for that too; long story short, I bungee jumped first and it was incredible, you even kind of land on a pool at the bottom, so your head touches the water, it’s pretty cool! Then right after I went for that Rocket Launcher thing to see what it was and oh boy do you get high up in the sky with that, you get a magnificent view though.

Right after that we were hungry and decided to look for a good place to eat, we found a nice Costa Rican restaurant that had an incredible view to the volcano, and you can see it so close from there it was unreal. Right after lunch we decided to hang out in town for a little bit, watching souvenirs shops and what not; until the night came down…

Now this is a whole new different story fellas; at the beginning of the night we could hear and feel the volcano, it was definitely growling and it was impressive just to be able to hear and feel such things we’ve never experienced before and not even 30 minutes after that happened, it was tossing melted rock everywhere! You could see the glowing red lava flowing to the sides of the volcano and jumping from the crater out. I was very impressed and didn’t know what to say or even what to do about it, my family took tons of pictures but I was too busy watching the fireworks show, I’ve never seen something even remotely similar to that.

Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for one of the best shows you can witness on your entire life; earth’s power is just beyond me to understand.